Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Course Information and Registered Runner Packet

25k and 50k Saturday April 16th

Hello runners! Please let me first start out by thanking each of you for deciding to run this race. The volunteers are so excited to have you all come and see the great Mohican State Park. This race has donated over $30,000 including the Galion Girls Softball Program, YMCA,  Mohican Trails Club, Race 362 and The Rock Foundation as well as helped out a local injured runner.

This year we will be donating to the Mohican MT Bike Trail Club.

EPIC ULTRA (race) Etiquette

To Quote a great read from the Prairie Sprit Trail 100 and 50 mile race.  

“What is EPIC ULTRA (race) Etiquette?  Wikipedia defines etiquette as a code of behavior that delineates “expectations” for social behavior according to contemporary conventional norms within a society, social class, or group. Based on this definition, EPIC ULTRA-etiquette can be most simply and generically stated as: "Whiners will be openly scorned and ridiculed!"  Yes, you read that right, and if it offends you...you are probably not really cut out for this sport and especially these particular events.

Race Day

Runners will have packet pick up race day morning starting at 6:00 am. 

Emergency Medical Staff will be on hand. They will be wearing high visibility vests. They are there for medical emergencies not blisters. We have an emergency plan in place. Please let any volunteer know of Emergencies.

Aid Stations will have: COKE (2 liters) Mt Dew, Pepsi, WATER, V-8 (46 oz) Gatorade, PB&J, CORN CHIPS, PRETZELS (big bag:small/salt) RAISINS 1.5 oz pks Reeses Pieces big bag M & M'S plain big bag SALTINES WATERMELON seedless BANANAS (cases) ORANGES (case) SALT (SHAKERS) FIG NEWTONS (l lb) Comes in 2lb pk CHOC CHIP (48 sleeves IGA Brand) PayDay Candy Bar ICE  POTATOES CHIP REGULAR/SALTY  Salt & Vinegar Pringles  MEDICAL SUPPLIES: IBUPROFEN (bottles) VASELINE TUMS (roll) BAND AIDS Variety Pack. Want anything more plan on it like Gel packets S-caps or E-Caps bring what you need! No Drop bags...

Cups will be available but you may not take them from the aid station. Carry a water bottle. Some people do not realize the magnitude of elevation you will be running and these trails will take it out of you. Hydrate and carry water. Throw ALL Trash in waste containers we have provided. Flags are not trash cans and littering will be a reason you will never run FTPR races ever again. Don’t be that runner.
After Race
There will be showers for runners after the race so bring your shower gear. 

We will have Massage students for the 25k and 50k available. (They will take a couple dollars donation to the school)
We will once again have food and drink available for all of you runners after the 25k and 50k race. (12:00 PM for Drinks) Have a beer or two and be responsible. Stay at a cabin and Don't Drink and Drive! 

The volunteers are working hard on this for you! Tell them thank you.

Race Location
The start and finish will be at Mohican Adventures. http://www.mohicanadventures.com/ Please note that they do have fully furnished cabins with hot tubs available. Some of the cabins have room for 10 12 people. With a hot tub. HELLO! GROUP UP! They also have smaller cabins. Please check their web site out. It should be noted that the Mohican lodge and Conference Center also has deals for the runners. So check for best rates available.

Spectators and Family

Spectators:  (Watch for runners and drive super slow) If you hike any trails at certain areas make sure to give way to the runners. The Park Ranger will ticket speeders. Stay away from the covered bridge aid station area. Do not park at the covered bridge and or the fire tower. You may park opposite of Covered bridge Aid Station across river and wait on that side. Runners will come through this section twice.  Runner will be DQ'd if you violate this. I have been yelled at by the Park Rangers and Threatened to loose our race permit. This is your warning.  Do not park at the juvenile place this year. 

Course and Maps
Course Markings: All course marking will be on your right on the direction you are going. Out and back sections markings for return runners will mirror the other and placed on the right as well.

50K Runners will start at 7:30 am and follow the Yellow flags and after completing the Dam Loop when leaving the covered bridge you will follow orange flags. Once back into Mohican Adventures you will basically follow the start of the course backwards into the start finish line (yellow dots on map and yellow flags in race). You will have signs and flags to remind you. You will get aid and turn around and go right back out repeating the first loop however you will not do the Dam Loop twice and you will then follow the orange flags back into the finish line and you will NOT have to do the spur when finishing. We will have signs reminding you. Trust me you will not get lost. 50k Map and 25k Map NOTE: 25k and 50k RACES WILL CROSS A RIVER! (10 hours to finish 50k) Recommend Smart Phone Down Load for Spectators

25K runners will start at 8:00 am and will follow the Yellow Flags from the Start of the Race until leaving the covered bridge for the second time. You will follow orange to the finish line. 

The aid station staff will make sure your on the right trail and any intersecting flags will be removed by our staff before you return back to that area so you will see only one set of flags except out and back sections. Do not over think it. Just follow your flags on your right, signs and look for soft ball field markings on the black top. Trust me, this course is always known for being excellent marked.

The course color coded utility flags will be every 1/10th of a mile and every 5 ft at turns.

Race Parking
Do not pull into Mohican Adventures to park. You will be parking behind this campground. If using GPS enter Township highways 3044 Loudonville Ohio. There will be a large FTPR Parking sign on start route 3. Look for a flashing orange strobe light and that is the parking area.  There will be people directing you where to park. Please pull in tight so we can get everyone in the parking area. See the race map!

Parking will be just north and behind to the Mohican Adventures Campground. The parking location is at Twp Hwy 3044 Loudonville Ohio.

This sign (below) will take you to the parking. Do not enter campgrounds to find parking. Parking will be just north and adjacent to the Mohican Adventures Campground. Once more the parking location is at  Twp Hwy 3044 Loudonville Ohio. 

Bad Weather Lighting Floods
Race Postponement due to extreme rain or lightning will be time delayed or moved to a different date. 50k and 25k will first try to be moved to the 17th and then each weekend thereafter until conditions improve. No refunds will be given if you are not able to attend the rescheduled date.

Email me if you have any questions: Rob1770@msn.com